Ex-Starbucks worker spills secrets on how to get a FREE coffee & what the different apron colours mean

A FORMER Starbucks worker has lifted the lid on the secrets of the store, including why you should never pay full price for an iced coffee to what the different coloured aprons mean. 

The coffees, frappes and milkshakes are ridiculously popular, especially the festive range, but if you didn’t fancy shelling out the best part of a fiver for a drink, one ex-worker has shared some money-saving tips. 

Eloise Fouladgar uploaded a series of exposés to her TikTok account, racking up thousands of views as she revealed how to get cheaper drinks and order secret menu items. 

Eloise captioned the videos: “Secret about working at Starbucks.

“Bet you didn’t know this.

“Am I gonna get in trouble for this?”

In the first in a four-part series, she said: “I’m going to be exposing some secrets about working in Starbucks.”

The first clip details how to get cheaper drinks, and Eloise claims you can bag some freebies on your birthday.

She said: “If it’s your birthday and you tell the Starbucks person it’s your birthday, you get a free meal or a free drink.”

Next she reveals how to get a full-sized coffee for a mere £1.50 – a fraction of the cost of a cappuccino. 

Eloise said: “So when you go in and you usually go in and order your Starbucks coffee, it usually costs about £4.50.

“All you have to do is ask for two shots of coffee. Then if you want it like an iced coffee, you ask for one large cup of ice which is free. 

“Then you take the cup of ice and the espresso shots. 

“Then you know the counter with all the sugar, there’s actually loads and loads of milk. 

“They come in little cartons, so all you have to do is put the espresso shots in the cup of ice, get the cartons of milk, pour the milk in and there you go you get a £1.50 coffee.”

So the next time you’re craving a refreshing iced drink, you now know what to order. 

While £1.50 is cheap, Eloise shared how to get a drink for less than £1 – and we don’t mean a cup of water. 

She told her 2.5 million fans: “If you’ve already got a drink at Starbucks all you have to do is go up to the till and ask for a refill and all they do is charge you 50p.”

If you’re a dog owner, you're in luck as Eloise claims there’s a special drink for pooches available – and it’s free. 

Eloise claimed: “There is actually a Starbucks drink for your dogs. 

“All you have to do is order a ‘puppacino’, and it’s completely free.”

And if you’ve ever wondered why the baristas are wearing different coloured aprons, Eloise explains what they mean – and why black is best. 

She said: “So when you go into Starbucks you might notice that the baristas have different coloured aprons on. 

“Now these actually mean something, and not many people know it. 

“If you have a green apron on, this just means you're a standard barista, maybe you just started working there, it’s kind of the basic apron everyone gets. 

“However, if you have a black apron, that means something different. 

“So a black apron is actually awarded to you when you have full coffee knowledge. 

“You’re kind of known as the coffee master – you make amazing coffees. 

“So if you’re ever in Starbucks and you see someone in a black apron, you kind of want them to make your coffee.

“Now a blue apron, that means it’s frappucino happy hour. You’re in luck if you’ve seen a blue apron, you get special deals on all frappucinos.”

She added there’s also a red apron, but it's only brought out during the holidays. 

Finally Eloise ended with some common sense, telling coffee fans: “If you bring in one of the Starbucks reusable cups, you get 20p off your order. 

“Always use your Starbucks card because when you get to 15 stars you get a free drink.” 

Her videos have racked up thousands of views, as one Starbucks lover said: “Wait that’s so smart.”

Someone else wrote: “No way do they do a puppachino!!!”

A third commented: “Wait so I could’ve asked for a refill instead I bought another drink.” 

While this fan asked: “Please work in my local Starbucks.”

Fabulous Digital has reached out Starbucks for a comment.

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