Do You Have a Love Story About Being Separated by National Borders?

As the saying goes, “Love knows no bounds.” However, national borders can often hold back lovers and families from being together.

The Modern Love Podcast is looking for true stories about relationships that are (or have been) complicated by national boundaries.

Have you had to break up with a lover because of immigration policies? Has it been years since you’ve seen a family member on the other side of the world? Has your relationship been challenged by coronavirus travel restrictions? What was it like when you could finally see your partner?

Please send a short voice memo (no more than 2 minutes) with your story to [email protected] Start by telling us your full name and where you live. And if you can, tell us how your story ended. We may use excerpts from your audio message in the season finale of the Modern Love Podcast.

NOTE: By leaving us a message, you are agreeing to be governed by The New York Times’s reader submission terms and agreeing that we may use and allow others to use your name, voice and message.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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