Dating when you’re fat is so hard, men constantly add me just to troll me – I feel sorry for them, I know I'm stunning

IF you've ever spent any time on dating apps, then you'll know that you have to swipe through a few frogs until you match with your prince.

But for plus-size social media star Beth Caldwell, Tinder is just another outlet where she's subjected to cruel trolling over her weight.

In a viral video that's racked up over 82,000 "likes", Beth gave her 58,000 followers an insight into what it's like to date online as a plus-size woman.

She said: "If you've ever wondered what it's like dating while fat, well today is your lucky day."

Earlier this year, Beth matched with a guy called Justin on the app – who boasted in his bio that he's a "rebel" because he doesn't watch pornography and that exercise is like "breathing to him".

After he specifically said "obesity isn't beautiful or healthy" on his profile, Beth claims he went out of his way to match with her so he could lecture her about her weight.

Responding to a photo of Beth in her swimming costume, he wrote: "Why not lose weight? It's not hard."

Penning the perfect sassy reply, Beth then sarcastically thanked him for his "input" and told him to mind his own business.

She wrote: "Why don't you go ahead and deal with your own internalised narcissism and misogyny and leave me and my cute fat body to exist in peace?"

But instead of leaving her alone, the man then suggested that she follow a fasting diet where you don't eat or drink anything for two weeks.

This is exactly why it's not the same to be thin and have insecurities as it is to be a fat person existing in a world that just hates fat people.

"It would kickstart an amazing transformation for you," he added. "Not even joking."

Shaming her Tinder date on TikTok, Beth rightly pointed out that this so-called "diet" couldn't possibly be healthy.

Not allowing his comments to knock her confidence, Beth then shared the swimming costume photo he took issue with and proudly said she looked "fly as hell" in it.

She continued: "This is exactly why it's not the same to be thin and have insecurities as it is to be a fat person existing in a world that just hates fat people.

"Thin people can hide their insecurities in oversized sweatshirts and mom jeans but fat people in visibly fat bodies get s**t on jut for existing."

Unsurprisingly, Beth's video struck a chord with followers – and fans left hundreds of supportive messages.

"Your happiness really triggered him," one replied.

Another added: "He's a walking red flag."

"First of all, girl the slayage in that photo is beyond," a third wrote. "I don't understand why men feel the need to tell a woman they're not attractive to them."

"People who go through this much effort to try and bring someone down says A LOT about their own self-confidence," a fourth said. "He's definitely got self-hatred and you're 100."

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