Dating expert reveals red flags you NEED to look out for & how to spot a potential stalker

WHEN it comes to dating, knowing what to look out for and what to avoid can be a real minefield.

Here to help is dating expert Jana Hocking who has revealed the biggest red flags you need to be aware of – especially when it comes to dating apps and making sure the person you're talking to isn't actually a "stalker".

Speaking on podcast Kinda Sorta Dating, Jana revealed the major turn offs she always comes across with online dating.

And she reckons there's three tell-tale signs that reveal whether a guy is really worth the trouble or not.

Deleting their dating profile too soon

Knowing when to delete your dating profile after meeting somebody can be a tough call and while you might want to keep your options open, if a guy deletes his by the second date, Jana warns that could mean he's a bit of a "stalker".

She said: "I went out with a guy recently, on our second date he was like, 'I've turned my dating app off,' and he looked at me like, 'so?'."

Seeing the move as a "turn off", Jana said: "I was like, well you're not even playing hard to get here and also you don't know me well enough by the second date to decide whether you want to turn the dating app off."

She joked: "He turned out to be quite the stalker."

Only posting photos of their torso or from a distance

Another big red flag for Jana is blokes that only post photos of their torsos or snaps of them from really far away to their profile.

She claims that guys that choose to share snaps that don't really reveal their identity, usually means that they're hiding something and she wouldn't be surprised if that secret is that they're married.

Those with the mysterious photos more often than not will act a little shady too and they will either never follow through on meeting up with you, or if they do, they'll freak out.

Speaking from her own experience, she revealed: "They always will never go on a date with you – or the guy that I went on a date with that ghosted me halfway through, I reckon he was married.

"He was s***ting bricks."

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