Dad's hilariously bad attempt at saying 'oesophagus' branded the 'funniest thing on the internet'

A DAD's hilariously bad attempt to pronounce 'oesophagus' correctly has gone viral on social media and left many branding it 'the funniest thing on the internet'.

Social media star Harrison Leigh shared the rib-tickling clip on his TikTok account last week, which sees his father Paul trying to say the word.

The hysterical video begins with Harrison's sister saying "oesophagus" while their father stands topless infront of the camera trying to repeat the correct pronunciation.

Unable to say the word on the offset, Paul descends into laughter as he battles through his attempts much to his children's enjoyment.

His wheezy giggles soon turn to tears of laughter as he begs "stop it" before one last attempt comes out as "focsockofus", which leaves him bent over in hysterics.

The clip has been seen nearly 690,000 times and has given many of YouTuber Harrison's followers the comic relief they needed amidst lockdown.

One commented: "This is still the funniest thing in the internet! Never fails to make me laugh".

"That's one of the funniest things I've ever since," another penned.

A third added: "Literally every attempt is a different word this is brilliant" (sic).

"Your daddy is literally the funniest person I've came across in my year of having TikTok," a TikTok user posted.

Although the clip has been recently shared on TikTok, it was originally posted to Twitter nearly two years ago, where it was seen over 3.1 million times.

Other than the comical clip, Paul features heavily on Harrison's TikTok and recently took part in viral dance trend the Blinding Lights Challenge.


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