Dad shares the genius way he gets his snack-loving toddler to eat five-a-day but it leaves other parents divided | The Sun

FEEDING your children can be a stressful business.

Many children go through phases of refusing meals or being more picky with food.

It can take a lot of effort to get them to eat nutritional food that keeps them growing strong and healthy.

One dad has shared the hack he uses to get his son to eat the vegetables he would usually avoid on a dinner plate.

The Harris family have a family account on Tiktok called connorharri5.

In a recent video Dad Connor shared a video of his two year old son eating frozen vegetables on their sofa.

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Connor said: “Give your two year old a bag of mixed frozen veg! Thank me later.”

When asked why, Conor said he had trouble getting his son to eat his five-a-day but this was the only way he could get his son to eat them.

He said: “Well he doesn’t really like veg normally, especially not carrots.”

Connors' video now has over 416,000 views.

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Some viewers were not impressed with the tip and suggested it may be dangerous.

One commenter said: “I don’t know why but it’s not safe to eat frozen veg.”

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Another commenter said: “I always thought there was a chance of food poisoning if you did this.. ? No?

Other viewers thought the hack was fine and if it worked, Connors son would only benefit from it.

One commenter said: “I mean he could be sat there eating junk food so this is much better for him.”

Another commenter said: “He’s happy, it’s part of his five a day so why not.”

If you’re thinking of trying this expert Kristie Leong M.D. a family practitioner has some advice.

She says, “Although they might not taste as good as carefully prepared fresh vegetables or even cooked frozen vegetables, they're still tasty and nutritious.”

It’s best to let the vegetables thaw a little before eating them or giving them to a child as they will still be really hard and you don’t want to damage your teeth.

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