Dad shares simple trick for filling your paddling pool with hot water if you don’t have an outdoor warm tap

A SAVVY dad has shared how he fills his paddling pool for his kids with warm water, despite not having a hot outdoor tap in his garden. 

The man showed how all you need is a hose and a large pan inside the house. 

He wrote on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK: “Anyone who needs a bit of warm water in the pool.”

The dad filmed the process so parents could copy him at home in minutes, and started by placing a large pan in his kitchen sink.

He said on camera: “All you need to do is get a pan, put your pipe in the pan, run the hot water, get your hose pipe, follow me.

“Make sure your hose pipe is lower down than the one in the kitchen, give it a suck and the water will come out and that is hot water. 

“You don’t need an outdoor hot water pipe or any special contraptions, all you need is a long enough hose and a pan of water, and that will just carry on as hot water and that won’t stop until you put the tap off.”

His handy tip has racked up thousands of likes and comments from parents struggling to get their own pools for their kids. 

One raved: “Amazing. Will try to be clever tomorrow in front of the hubby.”

Another said: “Legend.”

Some people recommended you get a tap attachment so the hose can attach to the kitchen tap. 

And others praised putting black bin bags on top of the water for over 45 minutes can help to heat the water. 

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