CrossFit Legend Rich Froning Is Hosting Live Training Sessions Every Day

Keeping up with your personal fitness can be a real challenge in quarantine, with gyms closed, a national shortage on purchasable workout equipment, and that whole “don’t leave your home” rule. While many people are getting creative and formulating their own remote workout routines in order to keep pursuing their fitness goals, the fact remains that training in the comfort of your own home puts you in a slightly different mindset, one which isn’t as conducive to pushing yourself as hard as you would in a gym setting, and chasing the intensity that leads to real results.

Fortunately, the internet exists, and life in lockdown has taken us back to the ’80s as we have all begun to embrace the old-fashioned workout video again. Celebrities have been posting their own home fitness routines, and some, like the perpetually swole Mark Wahlberg, have even been leading live workout sessions via social media.

But if you really want to torch every muscle and get that same am-I-going-to-throw-up feeling during your home workout, then you’ll want to start training remotely with four-time Fittest Man on Earth, Rich Froning.

Streaming live on the CrossFit Mayhem channel on YouTube every weekday, the videos show Froning coaching viewers through their WODs, and include a section at the end where he answers CrossFitters’ questions about specific exercises, nutrition, and whatever else they’ve got on their minds while killing time in isolation.

If you’re a CrossFitter and are missing out on your WODs (and come on, if you do CrossFit, it’s likely that you’re missing CrossFit right now), Froning’s live-streams are a great way to keep up with both your training and the community. And if you are just starting out, check out our guide to 12 CrossFit workouts you can complete at home, where you can adjust the time and reps based on your ability.

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