Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram Abs Challenge Will Torch Your Core

Soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t resting on his laurels in quarantine; he’s continued to train just as hard as ever, posting regular workout photos and videos to his Instagram. And he has invited his followers to push themselves too.

Ronaldo shared a video of himself performing an intense core crusher move that provides a glimpse into how he maintains those famously shredded abs. He demonstrated the exercise, showing off his core strength and control in the process, then challenged fans to try it for themselves and see if they could do any better than his rep count of 142 reps in 45 seconds.

And do better they did; a number of participants responded to Ronaldo’s post, and managed to beat his record. The ab-torching workout was part of Nike’s Living Room Cup, in which star athletes pose challenges to get people active while they’re stuck indoors during lockdown. Ronaldo kicked off proceedings, before passing the baton to Italian fencer Beatrice Vio.

Of course, training your abs while you’re sheltering in place with your kids is easier said than done. In an IGTV post, Ronaldo shared how his children have been “helping” him during his workouts:

Not that he’s just working his core. He’s also been doing keeping up with his cardio, accompanied by his “beautiful training partner,” girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, as well as strength training.

In a video posted two days ago, Ronaldo showed off the benefits of his lifting exercises, flexing to give the camera an eyeful of his latest bicep gains whilst getting his sweat on in a morning cardio session.

If that’s not inspo to go the extra mile in your next workout, what is? Or as Ronaldo might say: “Vamos!”

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