Ciaté just launched a make-up collection inspired by this iconic Disney character

Ciaté London has teamed up with Disney & Pixar to create a make-up collection dedicated to The Incredibles’ Edna Mode.

When you think of Disney characters, your mind may automatically go to the classics: Snow White, Cinderella Sleeping Beauty… but there are newer animated characters that are just as iconic.

Take The Incredibles’ Edna Mode. The eccentric fashion designer, who is responsible for creating the superhero family’s costumes, is innovative, accomplished and speaks her mind. Not to mention her chic wardrobe, signature black glasses and iconic blunt bob. Now finally, Edna is getting the recognition she deserves.

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Ciaté London has teamed up with Disney & Pixar for a four-piece Edna Mode collection.

Ciaté London has teamed up with Disney and Pixar to create a four-piece collection inspired by Edna’s style and personality. From the vibrant formulas to the colourful packaging, every bit of the collection is inspired by pop art – but don’t let the bright hues put you off, it’s still very wearable.

In fact, during a Zoom event to launch the collection, make-up artist Katie-Jane Hughes showed attendees just how wearable every piece in the collection is. Plus, the shades might inspire you to get creative with your make-up. “It’s a really fun collection – the colours are really joyous,” said Katie.

The Ciaté London x Disney & Pixar Edna Mode collection pays homage to pop art.

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If you’re new to introducing colour into your make-up look, Katie advises to “start with one wash of colour over your eye”.

“Keep it simple,” she said. “Just do one big pop wash of colour over the eye – it could be pastel, it could be bright – whatever it is, don’t overcomplicate it.”

Here, we run through every product in the collection, along with a bit of application advice we learned from Katie during the event.

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Every product in the Ciaté London x Disney & Pixar Edna Mode collection

  • Edna Mode Gel Eyeliner

    Ciaté London x Disney & Pixar collection: Edna Mode Gel Eyeliner

    Yes, those are peachy pink and bright aqua blue eyeliners. These gel formulas look gorgeous on all skin tones and may have convinced us to ditch our trusty black eyeliners. Plus, they’re made up of a gel consistency, meaning once they’re applied, you have a bit of time to blend/smudge as you please. But once they set, they won’t budge.

    Shop Edna Mode Gel Eyeliner at Ciaté London, £15 each

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  • Edna Mode Never Look Back Eye and Face Palette

    Ciaté London x Disney & Pixar collection: Edna Mode Never Look Back Eye and Face Palette

    From lavender and red to teal and bronze, the variety of shades in this eye and face palette lends itself to a wide range of looks. But if you’re not sure where to start, each section of the palette has its own separate lid, something that Katie says is helpful for focusing on specific shades and visualising the look you want to achieve. Her favourite shade from the bunch? Yess!, a shimmery pink.

    Shop Edna Mode Never Look Back Eye and Face Palette at Ciaté London, £35

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  • Edna Mode Fashion Maven Lip Shadow

    Ciaté London x Disney & Pixar collection: Edna Mode Fashion Maven Lip Shadow

    At first sight, you might think this is a blusher – but it’s actually a lip powder. Pick up some of the product on either your finger or a make-up brush and focus on the Cupid’s bow before blending it out over the rest of your lips. It has a sheer-yet-buildable colour pay-off that is perfect for nailing this season’s blurred lip trend and doesn’t dry out your lips. Before applying, Katie recommends blotting your lips to remove any excess lip balm.

    Shop Edna Mode Fashion Maven Lip Shadow at Ciaté London, £18

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