Britain’s biggest family the Radfords celebrate Christmas with huge piles of gifts, festive pjs and a massive fry up

BETWEEN buying gifts, cooking a feast and keeping everyone entertained, Christmas is an endless to-do list for even small families.

But for Britain's biggest family the Radfords, the festive season is an even bigger affair, with 22 kids to account for.

A vlog posted on The Radford Family YouTube channel shows the family enjoying the festivities, which included a family sing-song in the hot tub, a huge fry up and a mega pile of presents for all.

The celebrations started on Christmas Eve, which also happens to be Noel's 50th birthday, with the family enjoying an enormous fry up, including toast, mushrooms, beans and sausages cooked by Chloe, 25.

Doting dad Noel was wished a happy birthday by his kids and gifted a Star Wars Christmas jumper, a newspaper from the day of his birth, a pair of trainers, loads of sweets and some jeans.

Making the most of their outdoor hot tub, a handful of the younger kids took a dip in the water while singing "Jingle Bells" together later that day.

Then Christmas day kicked off with a mega load of presents.

With so many young children in the Radford family brood, Father Christmas had many little wish lists to account for this Christmas – but that didn't stop him from filling the family's living room with hundreds of gifts.

The kids wasted no time in tearing into the piles of carefully wrapped presents, revealing goodies like an LOL Surprise karaoke set, a Spiderman nerf gun and a Mario Kart game.

Still clad in pyjamas and dressing gowns, the kids rip off the festive paper to reveal board games, dolls, Lego and clothes, while mum Sue chortles, "You can't move" whiel lost among the torn wrapping paper.

The older kids also chipped in to buy doting mum and dad Sue and Noel presents of their own, including a designer jumper, perfume and chocolates.

Sue was overjoyed to discover a Shark vacuum cleaner, hugging her kids and repeatedly thanking them.

New mum Millie and her daughter Amelia unwrapped gifts together, with the 19-year-old excited to open a necklace inscribed with "Mummy" and "Ophelia".

The famous family took to Instagram to wish their followers a merry Christmas, sharing snap of the entire family wearing festive pyjamas and posed around the Christmas tree in their Lancashire home.

The caption read: "Merry Christmas from our very excited house to yours" followed by Christmas tree and Santa emojis.

As we told you previously, Sue revealed that she had .to "brave the supermarket" just two days before Christmas as all of the delivery slots were booked weeks in advance.

Although the shop was just a few days before Christmas, the mum-of-22 admitted that she wasn't sure if it would last until then at that they "definitely need to get more".

As the parents of Britain's biggest family, Noel and Sue Radford always go the extra mile to ensure their ALL kids have a very special Christmas.

They're said to spend a whopping £5k on presents on the kids every year, spending between £100 and £250 on each child.

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