Bride threatens to scream as family say ‘boho’ dream wedding dress makes her look like a ‘rugby player

EVERY woman getting married wants to feel like a princess on their wedding day – and it's the one occasion when you can usually get your way.

However, when Gok Wan found larger-than-life bride Mackenna the perfect "boho" dress in an upcoming episode of Say Yes To The Dress, the future bride "wanted to scream" when her entourage shared their distaste for the gown and claimed it makes her look like a "rugby player".

In the latest instalment of the TLC series, the celebrity stylist, 45, is seen meeting Mackena, who is looking for a standout gown for her Anglo-Indian wedding to fiancé Eli.

Meeting at the Ava Rose Hamilton boutique in Lancashire. the bride-to-be told Gok that she "like's the Boho type sort of feel" and that she loved lace and wanted to be able to "see a bit of skin" on her big day.

Talking of her wedding, she says: “It was meant to start as a small wedding, but then it escalated to about 280 guests!”, which sees Gok get to work on finding her perfect dress.

Gok thinks he’s found a dress that measures up to Mackenna’s mammoth brief – a gorgeous, lacy dress with detailed sleeves and a matching headdress – but Mackenna has some reservations.

At first glance, she says: “I’m not wowed, I feel like there’s something flat about it,” but quickly changing her mind after trying it on.

Running her hands down the sleeves, she says: "I do really love it, this is so beautiful, it’s got the Boho vibe”

 With her entourage – made up of her mum Ellen, sister Emma and sister-in-law Maryam – on tenterhooks, Mackenna makes her way downstairs to gather their opinions.

For Mackenna, the dress ticks all the boxes, but Ellen thinks otherwise.

It’s awful. I don’t like the waist, it made her look a bit like a rugby player!

“I don’t think it’s you,” she says sharply

And Emma agrees, taking issue with the dress’s waist.

“It’s awful. I don’t like the waist, it made her look a bit like a rugby player!” she says.

It’s clear to Gok that the feedback from the entourage isn’t sitting well with Mackenna who admits to feeling “a little bit annoyed”

She says: “Hearing all the negative comments just makes me want to scream! I feel like they aren’t taking into account what I want. I don’t think we need to say anything else.”

Trying to cheer her up, Maryam compliments Mackenna’s headdress, only for the headstrong bride to sarcastically answer back with “thanks…”.

Seeing that his client is unimpressed with her entourage, Gok quickly ushers Mackenna back upstairs to reassess her options.

“I think what we should do is some contrast. Let’s deliver on a big, showy, massive, in your face ballgown,” he says.

Looking to get the appointment back on track, Gok presents Mackenna with a selection of gowns, including a beautiful, off-the-shoulder dress that has her squealing with delight.

“Ok, I’m going to cry! This dress has absolutely blown me away!” she says.

This time, Mackenna’s entourage are lost for words.

“Absolutely gorgeous, I mean the smile on your face says it all” Ellen says.

With that, there’s only one more thing to be done – saying yes to the dress.

The new series of Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire starts tonight and will air at 9pm on Fridays exclusively on TLC

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