Brace yourselves: Glow-in-the-dark Crocs are coming

If you want to give your work-from-home footwear an upgrade (or just want to see where you’re going when shuffling from the living room to the bedroom at midnight), you’re going to be keen on the Chaos Fishing Club x Crocs collab.

The partnership is launching shoes that look like your standard classic white Crocs clog in the daylight, but glow in the dark if you turn the lights off.

They’re also available with 3D charms you can stick through the holes of the Crocs, swap out, and remove, to add some extra style to your footwear.

We guess you could wear them as a statement piece when out at night, or just enjoy as a flashy update to the slippers you shove on when you take the bins out on a Sunday evening.

The collab features BEAMS T, too, and also includes socks and T-shirts.

The Chaos Fishing Club x Crocs Classic Clog will be priced at ¥9,800 (around £75), but will likely be bought up and speedily put on ebay at an inflated price – so if you’re keen to get glow in the dark plastic kicks, move quickly.

The T-shirt, meanwhile, will be priced at ¥6,000 (£45) and the socks will be ¥3,200 (£24).

The collection will launch at BEAMs T on 30 May. Mark your calendars.

H/T Hypebeast.

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