Bored mum tries to dye her brown hair blonde during lockdown – but ends up with a ginger do instead

AS the lockdown continues bored Brits have been giving themselves makeovers with radical new haircuts and styles popping up on social media. 

Without the help of professionals some DIY attempts have been more successful than others, and it’s safe to say some people are probably glad they don’t have to leave the house. 

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One bored mum decided to give herself a new hairdo by cutting her hair and dyeing it blonde – but was shocked when it came out ginger instead. 

Bethany Burch, 25,  fancied a change from her auburn tresses, so whipped out the scissors are trimmed a few inches off the end of the elbow-length hair. 

But she decided it wasn’t radical enough, so planned to go one step further and dye her hair platinum blonde.

The optical assistant stripped her hair back to its natural brunette before applying an £8.50 box of bleach. 

But Bethany, from Kent, was shocked with the results, after the dye turned her hair ginger instead – the same colour as her 30-year-old husband, Declan, a manager at Burger King. 

The mum-of-one said: “I couldn't believe it was the same colour as Declan's.

"I knew it was ginger as soon as I'd rinsed it out, but I didn't realise it was exactly the same until I stood next to him.

"I did not expect it to go that ginger, I wanted a nice light blonde. I did everything properly it just didn't work.

"It went horribly wrong and ginger is definitely not my colour.

"My family couldn't believe it, I didn't tell them what had happened then I Facetimed my mum and brother.

"Mum couldn't believe what I'd done and my brother was in stitches, especially when they saw us together."

Bethany dyed her hair twice before, once when she was 16 and the second time after giving birth to her son Theodore, now nine-months-old. 

And it seems the little lad wasn’t a fan of Bethany’s new hairdo either.

She added: “Theodore didn't like it at all, he wouldn't even cuddle me or let me hold him. He wouldn't even go near me.

"Bless Declan, he just didn't understand why I was panicking and said I should just wash it out.

"I had to explain to him that it doesn't work like that, that's it now, it's permanent."

Unhappy with her new ginger tresses, Bethany made Declan go to the shops the next day to get some brown dye to cover up the DIY job, after explaining how hair colour works. 

Despite the mishap, Bethany says it hasn’t put her off dyeing her hair herself again. 

She said: "I knew it didn't really matter at the minute as no one is going to see it, but Theodore is definitely a lot happier now it's brown again.

"It hasn't put me because at least everyone had a good laugh.

"It's kept us amused and given us something to do while we're locked in the house.

"I cut my own hair at the beginning of lockdown which turned out fine, but I obviously need more practice with the dye.”

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