Alicia Keys, 40, Has Seriously Toned Abs Wearing A Sports Bra In New Instagram Photo

  • Alicia Keys, 40, just showed off her toned abs in a new Instagram post.
  • She’s wearing a sports bra as a top with jeans, letting her 🔥 abs get all the attention they deserve.
  • The singer/songwriter shared a YouTube video of her whole workout routine, which includes multiple core burners.

Alicia Keys, 40, isn’t really about posting bikini pics on Instagram, but sometimes she drops a photo or two of herself that’ll gently remind you that, yeah, she’s low key super fit.

Case in point: A few casual shots, snapped by @ramonrecords, Alicia just shared with fans.“They say a face says a million words. What is mine saying to you right now? 🤔🤔🤔,” Alicia wrote in the caption. In the photos, Alicia is working a sports bra as a top, skinny jeans, and Timberlands—and her abs look amazing. Clearly her toned abs have a few things to say as well.

People definitely noticed. “Queen beautiful 🔥🔥😍😍,” one person wrote. Another just dropped a simple, “🔥,” because is anything else needed?

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Alicia didn’t get that body-ody-ody by accident. The “Underdog” singer works out regularly with celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins, and she even shared a video of one of their sessions together last year. As you can imagine, there’s plenty of core work in the mix.

In the workout, Alicia and Jenkins moved their way through exercises like cat-cows, bird-dogs, upward dogs, and side planks with hip dips—and they all work your abs-slash-core.

That wasn’t all: Alicia and Jenkins also did side crunches and more side planks, along with leg lifts and roll overs. Whew!

Alicia has shared the results of all that hard work on Instagram on the reg. No question, it shows.

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BRB: Gotta do some planks.

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